• Going through a divorce
• Being relocated for work
• Facing an adjusting mortgage
• Unwilling to pay for a vacant house
• Paying for two houses

• Seeking an alternative to a realtor

• Facing foreclosure
• Owe more than your home is worth
• Daunted by the process
• Behind on your payments
• Tired of being a landlord

• Settling an estate

Step Three: Be Free of Burden

If you are facing foreclosure, going through a divorce, settling an estate, behind on payments or stressed out, we will buy your house.

Sell Your Property or Home Now

Sioux Falls Realtor

Step Two: Accept a Fast Offer

Sell Without a Sioux Falls Realtor
Sioux Falls Realtor

Step One: Sell Your House Quickly

Realtor Sell Your Sioux Falls Home

Luke Properties gives you prompt service, a reasonable offer and a fast closing to free you from your burden. Written offers are usually made within 48 hours.

Sioux Falls Realtor Alternatives

Is This You? We Can Help!

We can make a long, stressful situation into a fast, stress-free one. Our team is experienced in buying houses fast because of divorce, relocation, foreclosure and more.

Sell Your Sioux Falls Home Realtor

We never charge Sioux Falls realtor commissions or fees if we are buying your home. We are simply a real estate buying alternative for you, the seller.